Thursday, June 9, 2011

Senator Schumer vs. Bitcoin

The era of using money as a method of identity tracking may be drawing to a close as much as certain senators detest that thought. In response to the Tor-based Silk Road online drug store and on the topic of individual financial privacy, Sen. Charles Schumer (NY-Democrat) had this to say:

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  1. Bullshit. Donate 1F816RnDbJabue1PHZxExXQJ95xfcRnR1e

  2. Nauseating. The 'War on Drugs', phoney fiat currency, big government, fear-mongering and ant-freedom all in one balding bespectacled bad of bones. Yuk!

  3. Whacking the beehive with the bitcoin stick.
    it didn't take long!

  4. He's the big bank's senator. What else would he say?


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