Sunday, June 5, 2011

Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange on AgoristRadio

This episode special guest is Nefario. Buckle your seat-belt Dorothy, cause Kansas is about to go bye-bye. This episode is not for the faint of heart.

Discussion includes the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange, Ricardian contracts, PGP key signing of contracts, encryption transports, encrypted messages over OTR, issues of criminal organizations attacking this system and the need to take it deep in the darknets, onion routing and geocache, massively distributed p2p hawala systems, and anonymous exchange networks.

Listen to the April 28th, 2011 interview here.

Nefario is also interviewed by Bitcoin Weekly here.


  1. My head is hurting just reading your summary, thanks for keeping us posted on relevant stuff on bitcoin.

    Interesting and ongoing discussion at Mises Institute. Those guys seems really hung up on regression theory and "real" backing. I hear what they are saying but take a more flexible approach - they need to remember that economics is a social science and hence is driven by people's perceptions. Those perceptions can be influenced, particularly by good marketers.

  2. bron, you nailed it — if not with "social science", definitely with "driven by people's perceptions". hell, perception (well, and a few million guns) has been enough to keep the atrocious FRN moving back and forth, and it doesn't have scarcity on its side. few things so intellectually revolting as a "misesian" throwing away the concept of human action.

  3. Sorry, forgot the link to the Mises discussion on bitcoin

  4. Financial Times picking up on New Scientist article on bitcoin:

    And republishing

    Re Nefario's interview, I found the ability to transfer assets within GBSE directly to others without a trade being required as interesting and opening up GBSE as a platform for currency exchanging.


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