Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jon Matonis Interview on AgoristRadio

On June 3rd, 2011, I was interviewed for the AgoristRadio Cypherpunkd program to discuss some of the larger economic themes surrounding bitcoin, such as the potential for widespread tax-free exchange, the impact on nation-State tax policy and monetary policy, the irrelevancy of international capital controls, the de-politicization of currency, and the end of using money to track identity.

From the web site:

Jon Matonis, an Austrian School economist and author of The Monetary Future blog joins us for a chat with Hiro on the topics of “The Social, Economic and Political Disruptive Technology of Bitcoin”. Jon gives us some of his background and history relating to digital currencies and issues surrounding the New Monetary Future. We spin off on many topics related to the bitcoin ecosystem, news items, the concept of money and the reactions to bitcoin by the State, gold-bugs, old-man-bitter-cypherpunks and more. This is our first episode with Jon and we hope to have him back on a regular basis as there are very few in this world with the background and understanding of what is going on right now and who really GET IT.

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  1. Have you seen the BBC News item yesterday about the hacking of bitcoin on the 20th of June.


    I think this echos some of your comments.


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