Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interview with eCache Operators

The following interview by Jonathan Logan was published in the February 2008 issue of Digital Gold Currency Magazine.

Wikipedia describes eCache as "an anonymous bank operating through interfaces in the Tor network. The bank issues cryptographic certificates, Digital Bearer Certificates, that can be exchanged among the bank's users. The certificates can be bought and sold for real money through the bank. The owners and operators of the bank are unknown, and the bank is said to operate outside the laws of any country." An eCache information and FAQ summary can be found here.

Interview with eCache Operators

For further reading:
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"New digital bearer cash site launched", Steve Schear, February 21, 2007
"Must Read: Stash the Cash", Charles Platt, Wired, August 1999
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  1. if the bank isn't located in any country, we assume it might be in space. It is not because they are hiding their location they don't have to follow any rule. Too strange.

  2. Does anyone know what happened to eCache?! Their site on the Tor network (https://ffij33ewbnoeqnup.onion or is not working. I'd really like to connect with them. Does anyone have a solid connection and/or some information on their whereabouts (virtually speaking) or the current state of affairs?

  3. The eCache operators notified many many clients that they intended to discontinue the current implementation and replace it with an incompatible improved version. At that point they began to drain liquidity from the system by only allowing the bailing out of assets. If the site is now inoperative perhaps its because this has been accomplished. The operator and developers are part of the Agoric community and can sometimes be found via the AgoraIRC #agora IRC - Secure Chat System. See


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