Thursday, March 11, 2010

gBullion: New Digital Gold Currency

Press Release
gBullion DMCC
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

gBullion is a new payment system that enables any user to buy/sell gold and make safe, instant and free payments all over the world.

Dubai-- March 10 2010 is a start date for gBullion - new payment system that enables any user to buy/sell gold and make safe instant payments all over the world.

All transactions are made in system digital currency – gB, wherein 1 gB is equal to 1 gold gram. After the purchase gold bars (of 99, 5% or higher purity) are stored in the specialized secure Vault while corresponding quantity of gold grams (gB) is transferred to electronic gBullion client account.

At any time user can exchange digital gold (gB) for real gold and obtain gold bars from a Vault located in UAE, or take delivery to specified address. Besides gB holder can transfer his digital gold (gB) to another gBullion user. All transfers are instant and free.

“Our experts were to develop internet service based on three principles: minimum charges, easy use, and high degree of reliability. Their work resulted in the unique product of high quality that is coincident with all these demands. Today a growing number of investors become interested in gold, that is of no wonder for gold turns to be the most stable currency in the world, and gBullion is the most convenient instrument for operations with this metal” - Andrew Owen, CEO gBullion.

- possibility to buy gold in minimum quantity (from 0,0001 gram);
- gB currency is 100% gold backed;
- the best market prices for gold purchase and sale through internet;
- insurance of all gold bars;
- referral program and other variants of business with gBullion;

The system operator is GBULLION DMCC Company registered in Dubai, UAE, and licensed to sell gold.

GBULLION DMCC work is inspected by the CPA firm. An auditor’s report with the information about available assets and quantity of gold bars at vaults will be regularly announced in our site. At the moment the site gBullion operates in test mode and only in English. Other languages will be soon available.

Christine Thompson
Manager of PR & Marketing Communications

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