Thursday, April 30, 2009

Robert Hettinga and Digital Bearer Settlement

The path-breaking work of Robert Hettinga was published in a series of newsletters issued by FT Virtual Finance Report during 1998-1999. Bob is well-known for starting the famous e$ and e$pam mailing lists, to which I was an early subscriber, and as the founder of the Internet Bearer Underwriting Corporation (IBUC). Along with fellow privacy stewards, Vince Cate and Ray Hirschfeld, he launched the world's first conference on financial cryptography, FC97, on the island of Anguilla.

Table of Contents
FT Virtual Finance Report (and related private articles):
  • "Digital Bearer Settlement" - April 1998
  • "The Geodesic Market" - June 1998
  • "How to Underwrite a Digital Bearer Security"- July 1998
  • "'All the bonds in Christendom': Digital Bearer Bonds"- September 1998
  • "Russell's Revenge: Digital Bearer Equity"- October 1998
  • "Digital bearer derivatives - mathematics of polite fiction" - November 1998
  • "One-Way Hash and Micromoney Mitochondria: Digital Bearer Micropayment"- December 1998 (private)
  • "Hit 'em where they ain't': deploying digital bearer transactions"- February 1999
  • "Internet bearer underwriting: it's time"- April 1999
  • "Endpiece: How to build a bearer underwriting revenue model"- May 1999 (private)
  • "How will the regulators work in the new net economy?"- July 1999
  • "Divine Providence - Internet content without transfer pricing"- September 1999
  • "The Geodesic Economy" - December 1999 (private)
For further reading:
"The Ricardian Contract", Ian Grigg, July 6, 2004
"Formalizing and Securing Relationships on Public Networks", Nick Szabo, September 1997
"Money and Currency in the 21st Century", Geoffrey Turk, July 1997
"The Internet as Buttonwood Tree", Robert Hettinga, Wired, August 1996


  1. Its good to know about FT Virtual Finance Report and its Table of Contents that you shared here.Can I read detail about them content vise .Specially about the head "How to Underwrite a Digital Bearer Security"- July 1998".Thanks

  2. Sorry, the link was down. You should be able to find them here...


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