Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Other Looming Issues Related to Cryptography Policy

The National Academies Press published Cryptography's Role in Securing the Information Society (1996) by Kenneth W. Dam and Herbert S. Lin, Editors, for Committee to Study National Cryptography Policy, National Research Council.

This book presents a comprehensive examination of cryptography and its evolution from a national security tool to a key component of the global information super-highway. It addresses the urgent need for a strong national policy on cryptography that promotes and encourages its widespread use to protect the information interests of individuals, businesses, and the nation as a whole, while respecting legitimate national needs of law enforcement and intelligence for national security and foreign policy purposes.

In Appendix L, Other Looming Issues Related to Cryptography Policy, a thoughtful and prescient analysis of true digital cash is presented. With digital currency regulation and enforcement on the upswing today, the issues covered remain shockingly relevant:

Appendix L

Other Looming Issues Related to Cryptography Policy, p. 477

L.1 Digital Cash, 477
L.1.1 Anonymity and Criminal Activity, 480
L.1.2 Public Trust, 480
L.1.3 Taxation, 482
L.1.4 Cross-Border Movements of Funds, 482
L.2 Cryptography for Protecting Intellectual Property, 482

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