Friday, April 24, 2009

My Campaign for California State Senate

From San Mateo Libertarian, Volume VI, Number 11, November/December 1996:

"Jon Matonis was our most successful local candidate. Maybe it was because his was the only three-way race. Maybe because he was the only coast-side candidate. But maybe because he had the best-looking web site! Jon is an encryption software manager. The following is taken from his campaign web page."

We, as Californians, have two critical choices to make:

  • Do we pay for the government and state-managed monopolies to provide services or do we privatize and permit the market to provide more efficient and more cost-effective solutions?
  • Do we expand state power and spending or do we return the tax money to all Californians in the form of a check from Sacramento?

California is a world leader. This state can become the single, shining example of what the free, human spirit is capable of achieving. I aim to accomplish this with four basic, innovative planks of my campaign that impact every day of every Californian's life.

Taxation and Currency

Five out of 50 states in our great Union currently function ideally without a state income tax. My goal is for the state of California to become the sixth state. Additionally, I will propose legislation that permits banks and other organizations (even individuals) in California to issue and circulate negotiable currency state-wide which competes freely with the monopoly Federal Reserve notes.


The condition of public education in California is abysmal and continues to deteriorate. I support the initiatives for private school choice and expanded home schooling and an end to government or tax-funded pre-school programs.


Most of my district falls in an area of supreme beauty and natural resources. I support the right of private citizens and organizations to rightfully acquire natural resources for the purpose of conservation such as the Quarry Park Project in El Granada demonstrates. However, the desire to conserve natural resources is not a valid excuse for the violation of individual rights, and I therefore oppose such violations.


It is dehumanizing, and personally embarrassing to me as a Californian, for the INS and border patrol to round-up, in dragnet-like fashion, productive immigrants at their workplaces and homes. I strongly oppose all measures that punish employers who hire undocumented workers. Such measures repress free enterprise, harass workers, and systematically discourage employers from hiring Hispanics.

For further reading:
"Shannon, Sher fight for 11th Senate District", Half Moon Bay Review, March 13, 1996

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