Friday, January 21, 2011

Interview with Doug Casey: The Death of America

Doug Casey was interviewed by Stefan Molyneux for Freedomain Radio on January 18, 2010. With powerful ideas for all lovers of personal and political freedom, Freedomain Radio is the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web, and was a Top 10 Finalist in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Podcast Awards. Topics range from politics to philosophy to science to economics to relationships to atheism - and how to achieve real freedom in your life today. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio shines a bold light on old topics, and invents a few new ones to boot!

Douglas "Doug" Casey is an American-born free market economist, best-selling financial author, and international investor and entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of Casey Research, a provider of subscription financial analysis about specific market verticals that he has focused his investing career around, including natural resources/metals/mining, energy, commodities, and technology. Since 1979, he has written, and later co-written, the monthly metals and mining focused investment newsletter, The International Speculator. He also contributes to other newsletters, including The Casey Report, a geopolitically oriented publication. Casey graduated from Georgetown in 1968, as a classmate of Bill Clinton. His 1979 book Crisis Investing (1979) became the largest selling financial book in history, listing at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list for a total of 12 non-consecutive weeks. Casey is a frequent contributor to various financial websites, as well as to free-market online magazines, such as WorldNetDaily and, and the libertarian print publication Liberty, where he espouses his anarcho-capitalist leaning views. He supported Ron Paul's run for president in 2008. In 2009, he gave a speech titled My Misadventures in the Third World, in which he outlined plans to privatize a small country and take it public on the New York Stock Exchange. Casey has lived in twelve countries, and visited 175. His offices are located in the town of Stowe, Vermont.

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  1. Its really good to see a blog update on the interview of Doug Casey.I was curious to read about this but after reading 1 or 2 blogs I came to this one and I appreciate the efforts that you spent.Nice job.