Friday, February 12, 2010

South Carolina: "Gold and Silver Coin as Legal Tender" Act Introduced

By Bill Greene
Constitutional Tender Blog
Saturday, February 6, 2010

South Carolina has joined the growing ranks of States which have had Constitutional Tender bills introduced!

On February 2nd, 2010, SC Rep. Michael A. Pitts (District 14 - Abbeville, Greenwood & Laurens Cos.) introduced H. 4501, the "Gold and Silver Coin as Legal Tender" Act. This bill would allow "silver and gold" to once again be legal tender in South Carolina, as opposed to the paper bank notes of Federal Government debt.

The language of H. 4501 is different than our model Constitutional Tender Act bill, but the effect would be the same - making gold and silver coin the only thing allowed as payment to and from the State.

We'll take that!

Watch an interview with Rep. Pitts about his bill last year supporting States Rights in South Carolina.

The Constitutional Tender blog was originally set up to facilitate discussion of the "Constitutional Tender Act," which was being proposed in Georgia. Reprinted with permission.

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  1. I think all states should do this right away and quit giving a few elite families [who own the Fed] money for nothing.


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