Saturday, June 13, 2009

Digital Gold Industry Overview

On December 13, 2006, Jim Davidson released the comprehensive presentation, Digital Gold Industry Overview from The Free Market Monetary Education Association.

The Free Market Monetary Education Association was organized in Kansas in October 2006. The group is a Kansas not-for-profit corporation. The nature of the business entity is " provide education in the practical aspects of free markets, finance, monetary policy, and information systems."

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is Jim Davidson. Raised in Lawrence, Kansas, Jim was valedictory speaker at his high school commencement. He attended Columbia College of Columbia University as a National Merit Scholar, John Jay Scholar, and Kansas Scholar. In 1985, he received a bachelor's degree in history from Columbia. While in New York, he worked in the banking industry as weekend shift supervisor for a lockbox operation handling about 45 million dollars a week and managing a crew of twelve. In 1987 he received a master of business administration from Rice University's Jesse Jones Graduate School of Administration. Since then he has worked in aerospace, real estate, finance, marketing, and management consulting.

In addition to The Indomitus Report, Jim is writing a book on new countries and another on privacy. Jim is also the co-author of The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age (James Davidson and William Rees-Mogg, 1999).

For further reading:
"Interview With Free Market Money Guru, Jim Davidson of Vertoro, parts 1-2, parts 3-4", Mark Herpel, American Chronicle, November 14, 2007

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