Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lords in the Church of the New Cash

By Simon Davis
DGC Magazine
January 2011

This is an important piece from the founder of Pecunix and co-creator of Voucher-Safe although it does not address how to prevent or hinder the potential confiscation of the issuer's warehouse assets.
The Future of Private Money by Simon Davis

Reprinted with permission.

Also listen to "Justin of Voucher-Safe" on AgoristRadio.

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  1. Yes, the author leaves out the most important chalenges of digital currencies - the respect for property rights and the protection of the asset backing the asset. I address these here:

    The Real Problem With Digital Currencies And Privacy - by Anthony Freeman

    Ironically, bitcoin - which has no built-in asset backing - has gained traction. People value it for what it is - not for what it is backed by. See:

    Bitcoin: A New Commodity Created To Serve Market Demand