Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DGC Magazine Visits WebMoney Transfer in Moscow, Russia

DGC Magazine visited WebMoney headquarters in Russia for this October 2009 WebMoney Transfer Special Issue, which focuses on one of the premier companies in the digital currency business. Excerpt from DGC Magazine:
"Experts estimate that in 2008 there were 0.6 bank cards per Russian citizen. In comparison, the worldwide average is more than three cards per person. The online payments software is very much a part of everyday life for many Russians."
"Webmoney Transfer is a family of products created by knowledgeable professionals with backgrounds in the daily business practices of the Russian people and consumers in former CIS countries. The products, the operation and the regulatory framework for this dynasty started in Russia and are based on the changing Russian economic model. When the company first began operations in 1998, the Internet was brand new, cell phones were very expensive & the online payment industry was still in diapers."

"Can you imagine 200,000 cash-in terminals throughout New York City that would accept cash and instantly credit a PayPal account, or pay a utility bill? This type of payment terminal is far superior to anything found in the United States."
For further reading:
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